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No Right Handed Shooters On The Heat?

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The Miami Heat have made history in their 96-84 win against the Minnesota Timberwolves a couple weeks back.

For the FIRST TIME IN NBA HISTORY there was an all left handed lineup on the floor. As pictured below the Heat deployed Tyler Johnson, Goran Dragic, Justice Winslow, Chris Bosh, and Josh Mcroberts. All lefties and all of them were on the floor at the same time. That has never happened before. EVER.

Heat lefties huddle

The Heat have been collecting left handed players and some might even consider it hoarding as the 15 man roster is comprised of 40% lefties.

The entire NBA is made up of 8% left handed players, equating to around 38 active left handed players. The Heat have 6 of them (add Beno Udrih to the five above).


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The Boston Celtics Are Title Contenders

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The Celtics were supposed to be in rebuilding mode. A young team with no legitimate superstar and a second year coach. Last year Brad Stevens, coach of the Celtics, was a rookie not that it mattered as the Celtics played great team basketball down the stretch and made it to the playoffs.

Now the Celtics are only 1.5 games behind the 1st place Cleveland Cavaliers. Not only are they vying for the number one seed in the East, but they actually boast the BEST POINT DIFFERENTIAL in the Eastern Conference (check pic below). Point differential (difference between points scored and points allowed, is a great predictor of success especially in the playoffs.

They are putting the NBA on notice and tonight they attempt to hand the Warriors their first loss of the season. It will be only be the second time all season that Golden State will face a team who is top 5 in defensive efficiency. Let’s see if they’re up to the test.

Point Differential NBA 12/11